We build thriving communities that inspire, innovate and elevate the quality of life.

Nor’wood Development Group is one of Colorado Springs’ leading, locally-owned and operated community development companies with more than 45 plus years in business. At our organization’s core, we are builders and developers of real estate. However, we have intentionally traded the lens of real estate development for the wider lens of community development. Our time, talents and financial resources are thoughtfully directed towards projects, ideas and organizations that aspire to elevate the quality of life. Our core business and that of our partners support this philosophy.

The founders of our Company began their career in the real estate business more than 45 years ago. With little more than fierce determination, calculated risk-taking and a belief that Colorado Springs was a special community – opportunities for value creation and enhanced vitality were envisioned and achieved. Over this time, what started with a small residential triplex has grown into urban, commercial, retail, and neighborhood real estate assets located in every geographic area of the Pikes Peak Region.

What we do:

Build thriving communities that inspire,

innovate, and elevate the quality of life.

Why we do it:

Become the #1 middleweight city in the nation

How we do it:

Partner + Invest + Create

Our Approach

We focus on longterm impact.


With attention to detail and respect for the environment, our approach fosters the opportunity to create value, maximize return on investments, increase efficiency, and tenant satisfaction while allowing us to better society as citizens.


Nor’wood always works closely with its technological partners. Together, we leverage innovation and information technology, adding value and amenities to our managed assets while increasing opportunities for our tenants to connect with their community.


From our team of people whether they work in the office or out in the field to our active community involvement, we aim to create a curated community experience to elevate the quality of life for all.

Areas of Focus

Creating Value in our Community

Nor’wood specializes in all that encompasses the built environment. People at Nor’wood have been creating value in our community over the past five decades by striking balance between a dynamic vision and best practices.

Urban Infill


Master Plan Development


Commercial & Office


Land Development

Asset Management


Destination Retail

Auto Park

Mixed Use

Our Team

Today, together for the future.

Nor’wood prides itself on attracting a team of entrepreneurial, innovative individuals that share the core values of the organization.

News in our Community