Hello, I'm Cayse Osterlund

Senior Property Manager

Growing up on the beaches of southern California, Cayse Osterlund went to UCLA and embarked on his more than thirty year career in real estate development.

Working in California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado has given him a broad perspective on all types of projects. His 10 year, $120 million remodel of the Pacific View Mall, located in Ventura, California, was his most memorable project before coming to Nor’wood Development.

In 2004, Cayse came to Nor’wood Development Group. He is currently responsible for day to day operations of First & Main Town Center, Constitution Place, and Barnes Marketplace. The local, family owned and community focused nature of Nor’wood is what makes Cayse passionate and excited about the future of the organization and the future of Colorado Springs, Olympic City USA.

While Cayse is not a native of Colorado, he has fallen in love with the place he now calls home. Last year, Cayse completed his goal of hiking the 486 mile Colorado Trail. He also coaches volleyball at The Classical Academy. On the weekends, you might find Cayse on a frisbee golf course, at the skatepark, or cruising around on his Vespa.

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